A Comprehensive Guide To Use OpenDroneMap

For beginners and professionals

Written by core developer Piero Toffanin
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  • Dedication (Early Bird Aknowledgements)
  • Preface
  • Introduction
    1. Why OpenDroneMap?
    2. What You Can Do with OpenDroneMap
    3. The Key To Becoming a Successful User
  • Getting Started
    1. Installing on Windows
    2. Installing on macOS
    3. Installing on Linux
    4. Processing Datasets
    5. The Processing Pipeline
    6. Task Options in Depth
    7. Ground Control Points
    8. Flying Tips
  • Advanced Usages
    1. The Command Line
    2. Docker Essentials
    3. Camera Calibration
    4. Processing Large Datasets
    5. The NodeODM API
    6. Automated Processing With Python
This list is subject to change. We think the final book will have more content than what we have listed here. We might combine or remove some chapters by the time we release the final version.


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